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, | 23 Oct 2020 | by GEM

Day With God Organizer

“The goal: to get away to a peaceful place where you will not be distracted. A place where you’ll be able to converse with God with generous amounts of listening and reflecting. This is a time to BE instead of DO, to ABIDE instead of STRIVE.”

But getting away and getting to a point of being and abiding can be a challenge. The Spiritual Life Team has put together a guide to help you prepare for, and make the most of a day (or half day) away with God. You’ll find things to think through ahead of time, ideas for things to include (or not include) in your time and a suggested schedule. We hope this can be a helpful tool for those who would like to spend a more extended time with God and just want a little extra help getting there. And if you want more ideas or help, feel free to contact us or ask about having an Individual Guided Retreat.

Download the Day With God Organizer here.