Twice a year all of GEM is invited to take a day with God together. We call these our spiritual renewal days. For our next renewal day (1 March 20223) we plan to meditate on Isaiah 40 and "Lift our eyes" to our God who is both the Creator Most High and our tender Shepherd.

The schedule will be identical for both CET and MDT. We will have three optional Zoom gatherings on the day.

The Zoom link and preparation details are include in the participant guide. We recommend looking through the guide and printing whatever pages you want to use ahead of time.

There is freedom to use all, part, or none of this guide. The main goal is to have time with the Lord, whatever that ends up looking like.

If what we do on these days isn't your "style", consider this article on spiritual pathways for some resources and ideas on other ways to connect with God.

While the renewal day isn't Lent themed, it does take place during Lent as a way of honoring and participating in a season when the global Church is seeking God in unique ways. More on Lent HERE.

Download Previous Renewal Day Guides: