Tender Mercies(1)

“...brought into the embrace of God by his grace alone, [resting] within his arms as his beloved sons and daughters, [seeing] in Scripture what compassion looks like as it rises from inward depths to spill over into acts of mercy, we are opened up to offer this same great welcome and generosity of God to others. Compassion becomes the refracted light of glory, the sword that penetrates the heart of stone, the song of welcome to a lost and wandering people. 

-Gayle Heaslip

Our next renewal day is coming up 21 September 2022! As the swirl of fall activity commences and we continue to discover what life and ministry look like amidst world changing events, we felt God nudging us to use this renewal day to dwell upon his compassion, alternatively translated as his Tender Mercies. Karen Kurth shared a beautiful memory of sitting with her dad as a child, listening to him marvel over our God who is not only merciful (as if that wasn’t enough!) but whose mercy is tender. 

Since we now have greater access to one another’s physical presence, this year’s participant guide will be set up so you can meet with others in your area, starting and ending the day together rather than joining a zoom call. This is a bit of an experiment, but we hope one that will allow for a life-giving mixture of heart-to-heart time with people you live and serve with, and heart-to-heart time with your tender, merciful Lord. If our team can be of help as you plan and prepare, please don’t hesitate to reach out, [email protected].


Here's a brief (suggested) outline of the day to help you plan:

Full Participant Guide will be available 7 September 2022.

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