Retreat vs. Day with God

“A day away with God” or “spiritual renewal day” are the terms that we use most often in GEM (Greater Europe Mission) to denote a personal retreat day. This is a day in which we pull away from our everyday routines and responsibilities to be undividedly present with God. We might find a place in…

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Preparing for a Day with God 

Preparing for Silence and Solitude   We seek silence and solitude so that we can quiet our souls and be attentive to God. Silence and solitude give God time and space away from the competition of social interaction, noise and stimulation. It is a formative place that brings us face to face with our hidden motives…

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Spiritual Formation for Families

Spiritual Formation is all about becoming more like Christ by spending time with Him–getting to know Him through His Word, prayer and times of reflection. So how can we help the young people in our lives on their own journey of growing more Christlike, become better reflections of God’s love to the world? Lacy Finn…

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