Desiring God’s Will

Desiring God’s Will by David Benner “An excellent and much needed perspective on understanding and following God’s will.”  Jonathan Bourbeau  “A well written book that gets to the heart of what it means to truly seek the  will of God. A book that makes you ask yourself hard questions, but remains grounded in the unconditional…

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Faith to Bless

by Lena Larsen “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name!” (Psalm 103:1, ESV) A former pastor of mine often spoke of following Christ as a matter of mind, emotion and will—all three being equally important (Mathew 22:37). So, I know, in theory at least, that my…

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by Stephen Coney “My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. It is the Lord who judges me. Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each…

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