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by Gabe Bernal Key Verse:   “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6, ESV I’m sure no one will disagree that we live in a complicated time. For many years, I’ve been navigating how to share truth in a world that tries to…

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Cycle of Grace Summary

by Joy McAuley   There are four dimensions in the Cycle of Grace. We begin, or we could say God begins, with our complete and undeserved acceptance by God through Jesus. This is pure grace pouring into our lives. We haven’t done anything to bring that grace into our lives, it’s just a gift from…

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Unchanging God

by Karen Kurth Key Verse:   “For I the Lord do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed.”  – Malachi 3:6, ESV  My siblings and I have a little saying that covers our social awkwardness – “I was raised under schizophrenic influences.” Stability brings comfort to me.  Therefore, I revel, I delight, that God does…

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Unchanging Plans

by Glenda Alvord Rudat Key Verse:   “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”  – Joshua 1:9, NIV  Things are changing, Lord…so quickly that I can’t even keep track.  Each day’s news brings new changes. My…

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by Debby Nichols Key Verse:   Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. – Hebrews 13:8, NIV   Change seems to be a steady companion of each new year. As I sit and ponder how I really feel about change, I must admit that for most of my life I have tried to avoid change. Having…

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by Jazz Becker “In Jesus we hear a resounding ‘yes’ to all of God’s many promises. This is the reason we say ‘Amen’ to and through Jesus when giving glory to God.” (2 Corinthians 1:20, The Voice) People make all sorts of promises. Pinky promises. Calling someone back at a certain time. Marriage vows. Often,…

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by Bev Hawkins “Only be careful for yourself and watch over your soul diligently, so that you do not forget the things which your eyes have seen and they do not depart from your heart all the days of your life; but make them known to your sons and your grandsons. Remember the day you…

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Covenant Love

“Incline your ear and come to Me. Listen, that you may live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, according to the faithful mercies shown to David”. (Isaiah 55:3, NAS95) I love pondering covenant: faithfulness to relationship. The preceding context to this verse speaks of a calling to repentance (without those words), but…

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