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, , | 16 Mar 2021 | by GEM

Personal Retreat Resources

Wanting some help figuring out what to do for a half-multiple day personal retreat or time away with God? We’ve gathered a few books, guides and other resources in the hope of facilitating a renewing time interacting with God and enjoying His presence.


This book guides the reader through an exploration of retreat. At the end of each chapter, there are practical thought provoking questions that could be used to prepare for a retreat or to reflect on during a retreat.

Gives 9 different styles/preferences for connecting with God. We are all made differently. When we take this into consideration in planning our times with God, we can enjoy a more intimate time with our Creator.


has a few retreat guides for free download or purchase on her website.

Has whole and Half-day retreat guides for purchase, many of which can be downloaded as PDFs.

Has virtual retreat packets for women.


And don’t forget we have a team of people available to help you plan and/or process a retreat!