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, | 15 Mar 2021 | by GEM

Promise Kept

by Doug Mitts

“…in the hope of eternal life, which God, who cannot lie, promised long ages ago.” (Titus 1:2, NAS95)

God promised eternal life and He brought it to fruition in Jesus Christ. God kept His promise, a promise made before the foundation of the world. God keeps His promises. This promise, eternal life, however, stands as ultimate for me.

I have journeyed with Jesus for an extensive period of time. Jesus knew God. He had unparalleled familiarity with His Father. As a human, He expected God, He counted on His love, His presence, His interaction. Jesus defined eternal life as knowing God — from and by experience of relationship with the Father.

I used to think eternal life meant living eternally, which it does, but that’s the fringe benefit. God started speaking to me about this early in my walk with Him by emblazoning in my memory, John 17:3, the only definition of eternal life in the Bible. God’s promise of eternal life means an interactive relationship with His people—and with me! Jesus became the picture of this interactive relationship. I would watch Him pray spontaneously to the Father, give assurance that His words related the Father’s words, do amazing things with His Father. He knew the Father experientially, day-to-day. He showed me the kind of relationship I could have, even as a broken human.

Then the evidence started rolling in, not quickly because my awareness and attentiveness to God needed to exercise its muscles to get more attuned to His presence with me. God started showing me how He interacted with people in the Scripture. This came through regular times with Him in prayer and the Word. Then He started asking me to spend a day with Him from time to time. As my relationship progressed, I started to see un-prayed prayers answered. He’d heard my thoughts. I have watched Him guide, shape decisions, reshape me, and when I pay good attention, watched Him shape my words as I speak. As recognition of His interactions increased, so did familiarity with His person and love. Oh, the security that brings! I am grateful for His promise of eternal life, a real conversational relationship with the living and true God.

Eternal life now. Promise kept! Real recognizable interaction with God made possible through Jesus.

In Christ,

Doug Mitts

For Reflection:
“He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake.” (Psalm 23:3, NAS95)

  1. How is God developing His interaction with you? What are you noticing?
  2. What is happening with your desire for God and His presence?